The Nuttery Squirrel-Proof Original Nut Feeder Ocean Green


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Keep those pesky squirrels from gobbling up all the food with this beautifully designed bird feeder.The Nuttery Squirrel-Proof Original Nut Feeder will allow small birds to feed in peace whilst excluding squirrels and larger birds. It features a sturdy, squirrel-proof metal cage surrounding an internal nut feeder. It will attract a wide variety of smaller birds such as Finches, Blue-Tits and Nuthatches whilst preventing larger birds such as pigeons and crows from robbing all the food.The feeder comes with a sturdy metal hook for hanging from tree branches and its Ocean Green finish means that it blends naturally into the garden. It’s quick and easy to fill, simply remove the lid by adjusting the handles and pop them back in position afterwards. For hygiene purposes, it can easily be dismantled by unscrewing the base and each part thoroughly cleaned.Suitable for: PeanutsCapacity: 450gOpening: Removable top with sturdy clipsMaterial: Metal and plasticColour: Ocean GreenDimensions: 34cm x 17cm (H x Dia.)

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