AL-KO Easy 5.10 SP-S Self-Propelled Petrol Lawnmower


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The ALKO 5.10 SP-S is a self-propelled 4in1 petrol lawnmower in the AL-KO Easy range. It offers everything the cost conscious buyer would be looking for from a power drive model. Power drive or self-propulsion propels the mower along without having to push it. Self-propelled lawnmowers are especially good if you have sloping ground so you don’t have to push it up hill. 4in1 lawn mowers give the user different mowing options. You can cut and collect, rear discharge, side discharge or mulch the grass cuttings. The 5.10 SPS is built on a steel deck with a 51cm (20″) cutting width. The steel decks are hard wearing and designed to take the knocks of mowing a domestic lawn. A central cutting height adjustment lever lets you set the height from 30 – 75mm through 7 stages. The Easy 5.10 SP-S is powered by the AL-KO Tech 160 engine which gives excellent performance and economy. The mower is easy to handle with an ergonomic handlebar and XXL wheels. Specifications

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