10×10 Palram Canopia Ledro 3000 Enclosed Grey Gazebo


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If you’re looking for a special garden building to use the whole year round, the 10×10 Palram Canopia Ledro 3000 Enclosed Gazebo (3m x 3m) boasts a contemporary style, luxurious features and a superb 10-year limited warranty, making it a fabulous choice.This gazebo with sides comes with treated, bronze-tinted 6mm multi-wall polycarbonate roof panels, which transmit natural light while providing shade and blocking harmful UV rays, offering you a beautifully light environment, which is never uncomfortably bright. The side panels are made from 3mm polycarbonate, which is crystal clear, very resilient and far safer than conventional glass.Both types of panel are near-unbreakable and completely UV-protected, so they won’t discolour or fade over time and will maintain their gorgeous appearance for many years to come. Together, they provide 15% light transmission.The whole structure is supported by a heavy-duty, powder-coated, reinforced aluminium frame, with laser-cut galvanised steel connectors, which are all rust-resistant, sturdy and incredibly durable. What’s more, this garden gazebo is wind resistant to 90km/ hr (56ml/ hr) and snow-load tested to 120kg/ m² (24.6lbs/ ft²), so provides exceptional weatherproof protection.Entrance to this garden room can be gained via 2 sets of sliding double doors, secured by key operated locks to ensure your prized possessions remain safe when you’re not around. You can position these doors on any side of the gazebo – the choice is yours.Once inside, an attractive roof vent aids air-flow, providing the perfect environment to host your garden-based events, even on a baking hot day. A state-of-the-art guttering system ensures there will never be any risk of water damage after heavy rainfall, and offers a free and sustainable source of water for your garden plants, when connected to a water butt (water butt not supplied).Completely constructed from recyclable components, this 10×10 gazebo is completely maintenance-free, saving you money and leaving you with more time to do the things you enjoy. It comes with pre-cut panels, pre-drilled profiles and fixings to help you achieve a straightforward installation. The screw-free sliding panel assembly system ensures the gazebo will always remain watertight.This premium garden gazebo comes in 3 different sizes. They are all designed without a floor and require anchoring to a solid, level base.Planning some evening entertainment? If so, you’ll be delighted to know that a beautiful soft lighting system is available for you to purchase as an optional extra.Free delivery is available to most UK addresses.Superb 10-year limited warrantyTreated, bronze-tinted 6mm multi-wall polycarbonate roof panels and crystal-clear 3mm polycarbonate side panelsPanels provide 15% light transmission and are completely UV-protectedHeavy-duty, powder-coated, reinforced aluminium frame with galvanised steel connectorsWind resistant to 90km/ hr (56ml/ hr)Snow-load tested to 120kg/ m² (24.6lbs/ ft²)2 sets of sliding double doors with key operated locks – can be positioned on any side of the gazeboRoof features an air vent and guttering systemBuilt from recyclable componentsSliding panel assembly, pre-cut panels, pre-drilled profiles and fixingsDesigned without a floor – anchor to a solid, level baseAvailable in 3 sizesLighting system optional upgrade available tooFree delivery to most UK addresses

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