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This portable charcoal BBQ grill is perfect for camping breaks, caravan & motorhome holidays and al fresco dining. This BBQ grill doesn’t require you to connect to a mains power supply because it has a 4 x AA battery unit, but it also has a USB power socket if batteries are low or is depleted. The battery unit is connected to an air fan that you can adjust to control the amount of heat from the charcoal easily and safely. Quickly heats up; the battery powered fan circulates the hot air around the BBQ so you can start cooking almost immediately! * Easily allows you cook for up to 6 people * Supplied in a handy zip storage case * Up to 2 hours of grilling time * 4 x AA batteries required (not included) * 310mm r cast iron rack

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Coopers of Stortford


Coopers of Stortford