WEBB WER21HW4 53cm / 21″ Self-Propelled Petrol Lawnmower


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The WER21HW4 is the pinnacle of Webb’s ‘Supreme’ lawnmower line, representing the highest standards of quality and functionality for consumers wanting unrivalled lawn care. This model is the largest in the Supreme series, with a plethora of quality features tailored to the most demanding gardening chores. At its heart is the powerful Briggs & Stratton 725EXI engine, which is known for its easy-start technology, which allows for a hassle-free start without priming or choking-simply pull the cord to power up. This 163cc engine provides lightweight manoeuvrability and a smooth, powerful performance that sets a new industry benchmark. The lawnmower has a sturdy steel cutter deck and excels in cutting performance because to its revolutionary 4-in-1 capability. This contains a mulch plug, which finely cuts and disperses cuttings back into the lawn, replenishing nutrients. Clippings can be collected in a big 65-litre easy-fit collector cloth bag, discharged side or rear, or finely mulched, ensuring adaptability and efficiency in lawn management. Adjusting the cutting height is simple, with eight settings ranging from 20mm to 80mm, giving you precise control over the appearance of your grass. The collection bag’s huge capacity, along with its mesh design for enhanced ventilation, results in less frequent emptying and more efficient mowing sessions. Large ball-bearing rear wheels give increased mobility, making the mower simpler to push, particularly over hard ground or uneven terrain. In addition to its simplicity, the WER21HW4 has a wash port for easy washing of the mower’s deck with a garden hose, assuring life and top performance. As a self-propelled mower with a wide 53cm cutting swath, it easily handles vast lawns and difficult grass, making it suitable for large areas that do not require manual pushing.

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