Webb WER19ALSP Petrol Alloy Deck Rotary Lawnmower 480mm


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The WER19ALSP is the new flagship 19″ rotary mower in the Webb range, packed full of premium features and high specification components. Instead of a single rotary blade, it uses a rotating disc with four individual blades mounted onto it – this makes it more durable than a standard rotary mower, as it is able to better withstand accidental collisions and impacts without wrecking the blade. A self propelled machine, which is powered by a Briggs & Stratton 150cc petrol engine, the WER19ALSP uses a 48cm (19″) rotary blade which can be raised or lowered to any one of eight available cutting heights. The single lever cutting height adjustment means this can be achieved quickly and easily with one hand, and the 2-in-1 design enables you to collect the grass clippings in the included container or discharge them back onto the grass to act as fertiliser. The WER19ALSP has an exceptionally strong and durable aluminium alloy deck, which is also lighter than steel for easier handling. Specifications • Mower Type: Rotary • Drive Type: Self Propelled • Power: Petrol • Engine: Briggs & Stratton 625EXi Series™ Engine • Engine Capacity: 150cc • Working Width: 48 cm (19″) • Collection Capacity: 60 Litre • Handle Type: Folding • Weight: 35 kg Features & Benefits • Petrol rotary mower with 480mm cutting width • Self propelled • Briggs & Stratton 150cc engine • Single lever cutting height adjustment • Eight cutting heights • 2-in-1: Grass collection or rear discharge • Large blade disc with four swing tip blades • Large 60 litre grass collector • Strong and durable aluminium alloy deck • Handles fold down for storage Contents • WER19ALSP Petrol Rotary Lawnmower • Grass Collector (60 litres) • Lawnmower Blades (x4)

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