WEBB WER18HP4 46cm / 18″ Hand-Propelled Petrol Lawnmower


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Designed for use on small to medium-sized lawns where maneuverability is crucial. The WER18HP4 has a steel cutter deck, single lever height adjustment, and a fold-down handle for convenient storage. The mower is a masterpiece of British design, encapsulating solidity, flexibility, and ease of operation, making the Webb ‘Supreme’ WER18HP4 an excellent choice. It is intended for gardeners who value the effectiveness of a traditional hand-push petrol rotary mower without the high cost. This mower’s powerful Briggs & Stratton 450E Series™ engine ensures simple starts, smooth running, and long-lasting reliability. The compact and lightweight 125cc engine reduces vibration and noise, resulting in a more enjoyable mowing experience and improved handling. The mower has eight cutting heights that can be easily adjusted using a single lever to achieve grass lengths ranging from 25mm to 80mm, and it allows you to choose between collecting clippings in a big 65-litre bag or rear-discharging them onto the lawn. The mesh design of the collection bag improves airflow, allowing the bag to fill entirely before being emptied, resulting in fewer interruptions and faster mowing activities.

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