Stihl HS87 R Petrol Hedge Trimmer 30″


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Stihl HS87 R is a professional petrol hedge trimmer and built to tackle the hardiest of hedges. The heavy-duty 75cm single-sided blade with large teeth runs at a lower speed to sufficiently cut through thicker growth. Stihl’s R versions are designed specifically for large volume cutting.The STIHL’s 2-MIX engine is powerful, yet boasts reduced noise, emissions and lower fuel consumption. The HS87 R is easy to start; its electric ignition module is encased and protected from moisture and debris. There is a long-life paper air filter and the tool-free filler caps for the fuel and oil are speedy to open and close. The easy-grip handle and lightweight design make the HS87 R comfortable to use. The HS87 R is also designed with anti-vibration technology; this makes working for longer periods less strain on the arms and hands.Specification:

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