Spear and Jackson Neverbend Carbon Digging Fork

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The Spear and Jackson Neverbend Carbon digging fork easily exceeds the BS3388 load test thanks to the head and extra long socket which are forged from one piece of carbon steel. This is up to 50% stronger than stainless steel, and the fork is supplied with a 15 year warranty. Specifications • Head Size: 280mm (11″) x 180mm (7″) • Shaft Length: 28″Features & Benefits• Solid forged carbon steel head and extra long socket for strength • Hammer finished epoxy coated head for improved resistance to rust, scratches and humidity in the soil • Weatherproofed hardwood shaft for greater durability • Supergrip handle with forward tilt gives the ideal angle for digging • Ideal for digging and breaking up soil • Exceeds BS3388 load test • 15 year guarantee

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