Q Garden BV3000 Garden Vacuum and Leaf Blower

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The Q Garden BV3000 is an affordable but powerful and full-featured garden vacuum and leaf blower which is designed to help with clearing autumn leaves but can just as easily be used for cleaning up construction debris and for general garden tidying througout the year. The main reason for its affordability is that it is powered via a standard mains connection – simply plug the 10 metre power cable into a socket or suitable extension reel, and switch it on. There are no expensive batteries or petrol engines to maintain throughout the lifetime of the machine, and you also get the benefit of a powerful 3000 watt electric motor. Althought it is lightweight at just 3.7kg, the BV3000 features a dual nozzle design which means you don’t have to swap over any parts when switching between vacuum and blower functionality – simply flick the switch to change modes. This helps to save a great deal of time and effort and as a bonus there are no detachable parts, which can sometimes end up getting lost in between uses. In vacuum mode the BV3000 will shred the debris at a ratio of 10:1 as it is collected, leaving you with a neatly compacted pile of waste which can then be tipped out of the collection bag, whether for disposal or for putting back to use in your garden. This new model in the updated Q Garden range is also supplied with guide wheels for the nozzle which allow you to roll the machine along the ground and relieve strain on the arms. Specifications • Power: Electric • Voltage: 240v (UK Mains) • Wattage: 3000 watts • Cable Length: 10 metres • Machine Type: Blower and Vacuum • Max Blowing Speed: 168 mph (270 km/h) • Shredding Ratio: 10:1 • Collection Capacity: 45 litres • Machine Weight: 3.7kgFeatures & Benefits• Garden leaf blower and vacuum cleaner in one • Switch between modes without having to change nozzles • Guide wheels help to relieve strain on the arms when vacuuming • Powered via standard mains socket • Powerful 3000 Watt motor • Shreds debris as it is collected in vacuum mode • 10:1 mulching ratio compacts waste finely • 45 litre Collection BagContents• BV3000 Garden Blower Vac 240v • Collection Bag (45 litres)

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