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Make your hard to reach jobs Safer, Easier and Faster with BucketBarrow Pro88 Wheelbarrow Kit – the first trade quality narrow wheelbarrow to feature integrated, removable accessories, we call it the BucketBarrow System. Built for You – PRO88 trade quality narrow wheelbarrow is ideal for your building and construction, industrial, landscaping, agricultural, animal care and horticultural environments. Its narrow design and large load carry capacity excel high density property and construction environments and its compact size enables easy storage on site and in work vehicles Built for Access – PRO88’s overall width of just 525mm enables easy access and operation in narrow and difficult to access work environments. Compact in size yet large in load carry capacity PRO88 features an 88 litre toughened poly tray supported by a heavy duty frame. Built for Strength – PRO88’s reinforced, boltless, waterproof, 5mm thick poly tray with integrated shock board provides extra durability in tough working conditions. The large flat tray surface enables accurate material loading and unloading, maximum load stacking capacity and easy cleaning. A tough slam bracket absorbs impact and protects the front of the tray when the PRO88 is tipped forward. Built for Stability – PRO88’s low centre of gravity enables effective movement of large volumes of materials around the work site. Its broad footprint provides excellent stability for safe and efficient material loading and unloading. Comfort moulded, slip resistant hand grips enable controlled load movement and handling in tough site conditions. Plus the PRO88 BucketBarrow System consists of: 4 x quality 15 Litre Buckets and 1 x multipurpose 12 litre Scoop that integrate easily and accurately into the PRO88 wheelbarrow tray for optimal material loading, unloading, movement and placement. The PRO88 Buckets Feature:* Reinforcement ribbing for strength and durability* Square profile with 15 Litre volume capacity* Internal and external Litre markings* Rounded corners for accurate material measurement, mixing and pouring* 5mm hardened steel handles with comfort moulded hand grips for easy and efficient load carrying* Top mounted handles for easy access and capacity to easily stack and store on site and in work vehicles The PRO88 Multi-Purpose 12Lt Scoop Features:* Strengthened wide mouth, aluminium blade edge and comfort hand grip making it an ideal hand shovel for fast and accurate material collection, movement and distribution* Locates securely onto the rear handles of the PRO88 wheelbarrow providing an ideal carry caddy that maximises load carry capacity* Forms a strong and effective dustpan with two rear foot platforms to secure materials for effective job clean up The Pro88 Wheelbarrow Kit Includes:* 1 x Trade Quality 88 Litre Narrow Wheelbarrow* 4 x Tough 15 Litre Buckets* 1 x Multipurpose 12 Litre Scoop Additional Information:* Boxed Weight 24 kg* Boxed Dimensions 57 × 30 × 91.5 cm* Easy Self-Assembly Required **In the event of a requested return/refund, this must be arranged by you and at your own expense. Please contact in the first instance**

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