Ozito PXCTS 36v Cordless Garden Tiller 2 x 4ah Li-ion Twin Battery Charger

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The Ozito PXCTS is a 36v Cordless Garden Tiller which is powered by two 18v Power X Change batteries. It shares battery compatibility with other Power X Change cordless tools from Ozito and Einhell. Giving you all the freedom of a petrol powered tiller, but without the hassle of repeatedly buying, mixing and safely storing fuel, the PXCTS is a much more user friendly alternative – simply charge your batteries in between uses and you’re always good to go. You don’t have to worry about maintaining an engine or spilling flammable fuel, and without the noise and exhaust fumes of a petrol machine, its much more pleasant to use. Specifications • Battery Voltage: 36v (2 x 18v) • Battery Type: Power X Change Lithium Ion Features & Benefits • Cordless garden tiller on the Power X Change battery platform • Runs on two standard 18v Power X Change batteries simultaneously • Shares battery compatibility with all other Power X Change tools from Ozito and Einhell • Designed for breaking up and loosening the soil in preparation for planting • Helps to spare the back and arms from using hand tools on bigger jobs • Powerful 36v motor • Much more user friendly than petrol – less noise, no fumes, no hazardous fuel to store and transport • Supplied with an unbeatable 5 year warranty (domestic use only) Contents • PXCTS 36v Cordless Garden Tiller • Power X Change 18v 4ah Lithium Ion Battery (x2) • Twin Battery Chargers

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