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This retro yet charming fire pit is sure to be the perfect addition to your garden, yard and patio. Gathering your whole family and friends around at night would bring you the ultimate fun. Light up the fire with this outdoor fire pit and you could bring a spark to your life to wow your guest. This outdoor fire pit is made of MgO with a dark grey finish which is sturdy and durable when you leave it outdoors for a long time. Log grate inside of the fire pit would fulfill your basic needs for BBQ as grill. A spark screen is available to prevent flame embers from blowing away, which would be a potential hazard. And the poker would be included to turn around wood logs, stoke the flames and remove the mesh lid.. Feature. Retro Style: This fire pit is featured by its angular bowl shape with marble black finish whichshows its retro style nature. And it would be an outstanding addition to your patio, balcony, garden or yard environment.. Durable and Sturdy: The log burner is made from MgO (Magnesium Oxide), a strong weather resistant material which gives you a brilliant concrete aesthetic. It is built to withstand the elements. The great materials make the fire pit rust resistant, UV resistant and frost resistant. Brilliant for the unpredictable British weather. Hence, you don’t need to worry about your fire pit getting damaged when you are leaving it in your patio, garden or yard.. Safety Protection: For safety concerns, a spark screen will come with this fire pit to prevent burning embers blowing. A poker can be used to stoke fire and remove the mesh lid.. Dinensions and Details. Material: Magnesium Oxide & Iron. Color: Marble Black. Size: Dia 63.5 x H 61.5 cm. Fuel Type: Charcoal & Wood. Outdoor use only. Kindly Notice. For safety concerns, this fire pit should not be placed on a wooden deck.. Due to incompletedcombustion by charcoal or wood burning, carbonmonoxide will be generated. Hense, please use this fire pit outdoor only.. Due to manual measuement and environmental brightness on photo taking, size and colour differences may apply. Please check the real product images before purchasing.. Package Included. Fire Pit x 1. Instruction Manual x 1

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