Metal Wrap Around Squirrel Baffle for Bird Feeding Stations (Set of 2)


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Stopping squirrels climbing up the pole of a bird feeding station can be quite a challenge – but luckily these metal baffles are up to the job. The squirrel climbs up the pole and comes to the baffle that it cannot get around, stopping it in its tracks. Cleverly designed, the baffle clips together so can be put on an already assembled station. The unit is held in place with an adjustable bracket, so will fit on the Selections bird feeding station as well as others with thicker poles.. The baffle is held in place using gravity alone, so if the squirrel gets lucky and lands on the top of the baffle, it tips to the side stopping the squirrel getting any purchase.. * Fits poles upto 3cm wide. * Easy assembly. * 44cm wide. * Set of 2. Brand: Selections. Product Code: GFK767. Dimensions: 44cm x 44cm x 23cm

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