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With its eye-catching design, premium build and impressive safety features, the Lifestyle Enders Commercial Gas Patio Heater is the perfect way to heat the outdoor area of your pub or restaurant.This large garden heater is designed with your hospitality business in mind. It is operated by Piezo electronic ignition, built from lacquered, weather-resistant steel, and has an adjustable heat output of between 4 and 14kW, combining to make it a convenient, reliable, effective source of instant, portable heat. The eye-catching silver design ensures this outdoor heater seamlessly complements its surroundings.This patio heater has some splendid safety features too, including an anti-tilt shut-off sensor and a flame failure device, so if the heater is knocked over or oxygen levels are too low then the gas supply will cut out, keeping your customers completely safe.Supplied with a hose, propane regulator and 2-year warranty, this gas patio heater is incredibly easy to assemble. It uses a 5 / 11kg commercial propane or butane gas cylinder, which is not included.Please be advised that you should only use this garden heater outdoors or in well-ventilated areas (those with at least 25% of the surface area open).Free delivery is available to most UK postcodes.Adjustable heat output of 4-14 kWExpertly built with lacquered, weather-resistant steel housingPiezo electronic ignitionAnti-tilt shut-off sensorFlame failure device2-year warrantyComes with hose and propane regulatorFor outdoor use onlyGas cylinder not suppliedFree delivery to most UK postcodes

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