Large Mesh Bird Feeder Seed Catcher Tray (Set of 2)


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Attaching to the bottom of a bird feeder by means of 4 hooked hanging strings, this nylon mesh tray with 4cm lip will catch all the seeds, seed casings, nuts and any other detritus discarded or dropped as the birds feed. Helping to keep lawns or flowerbeds clear of debris, the tray also acts as a secondary feeding platform for birds. The mesh allows the larger items to be kept in whilst also providing water drainage.. Simply hook the strings to the bottom lip or grill of the feeder of your choosing and this simple yet elegant solution to dropped bird seed mess is ready to go. The string length including hook is 50cm but this can be shortened to suit using the push button locking mechanism on each string. The tray also comes with a handy zipped storage bag for when not in use; simply twist and fold the tray and it tucks away neatly.. * 4 adjustable hooked hanging strings measuring 50cm. * Zipped storage bag included. * Made from nylon mesh. * Measures 40cm across. * Feeder not included. * Set of 2. Brand: Selections. Product Code: GFL421. Dimensions: 40cm x 40cm x 50cm

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