Kingfisher Plastic Window mounted Bird Feeder


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Enjoy the pleasure of watching wild birds feed from the comfort of your own home with this plastic window mounted bird feeder. Constructed from hardwearing transparent plastic, this innovative feeder is ideal for houses with limited or no garden space. This feeder offers complete versatility and can be used with a large range of feeds including peanuts, seed mixes, sunflower seeds, sunflower hearts, niger or a combination of them all. The mix of foods allows you to cater for different needs and feeding preferences and is perfect for use through the entire year. The feeder is quick and easy to install and can simply be attached to any glass window by uses the three high-strength suction discs included. It features a deep-fill feeding tray and plastic roof to keep the seed dry. Once fitted you can enjoy getting up close and personal with a wide range of birds including tits, finches, sparrows and robins, and when the time comes, its easy to clean too.Specification Dimensions: W7 x L15 x H15.5cm Weight: 0.11kg

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