Kingfisher Metal 3 in 1 Suet Fat Ball, Seed And Nut Feeder with Tray


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Transform your garden into a bird canteen with this 3-in-1 suet fat ball, seed and nut feeder. Constructed from powder coated, silver effect steel, this feeder incorporates three separate feeders on one chain. This versatile feeder allows you to have three separate feeds under one roof, making it the ultimate feeding station. The variety of food on offer will attract a mix of beautiful birds including tits, woodpeckers, finches and house sparrows, and will gives you the opportunity to cater for different needs and feedings preferences throughout the year. This feeder not only includes three feeding tubes but also features a tray to stop any potential spillages and provides a platform for the gorgeous birds to enjoy the feed upon. The feeder is easy to fill, has a lift-off, domed lid to keep the contents dry and two plastic tipped perches, allowing birds to feed in comfort. Simply fill, hang on a branch or feeding station using the convenient, built-in hook and relax knowing youre new visitors will be well fed. Specification Dimensions: W20 x L20 x H54cm

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