Jacobi Jayne Ring Pull Seed Small Feeder 2 port


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Attract an array of beautiful birds into your garden with this two-port Ring Pull seed feeder. Constructed from tough polycarbonate and ABS, the feeder features two feeding ports and is perfect for seed mixes, sunflower seeds and sunflower hearts.Bird seed mixes are high-quality options that will attract more birds and will keep them coming back for more meals. They offer a variety of foods to cater for different needs and feeding preferences and are perfect for use through the entire year. This feeder not only has a large capacity of approximately 0.5L, but also features an easy to fill, lift-off lid to keep the contents dry and two plastic tipped perches, allowing birds to feed in comfort. There is also a twist-off base allowing for quick and easy deep cleaning. Simply fill, hang on a branch or feeding station with the convenient, built-in handle and enjoy the endearing birds returning to feed all year round. Also available to purchase is a 4 and 6 port Ring Pull seed feeder. Specification Height: 180mmCapacity: 0.5L 2 ports

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