Hyundai 52cc Petrol Grass Trimmer Brushcutter HYBC5200X


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Hyundai 52cc Petrol Brushcutter The HYBC5200X is a powerful grass trimmer and brushcutter from Hyundai – a versatile petrol-powered addition to any garden tool collection. Its dual cutting capability makes cutting or trimming all types of grass, brambles, shrubs and overgrowth quick and easy. This petrol brushcutter’s powerful 52cc 2-stroke Euro V Hyundai low-emission petrol engine with a soft recoil pull-start can handle even the toughest garden overgrowth to get your space looking neat and tidy in no time. The HYBC5200X is a heavy duty, powerful 52cc power unit. For a lighter weight option please consider the 26cc models or one of our battery or electric machines. 2-In-1 Brushcutter and Grass Trimmer This petrol grass trimmer’s cutting width of 450mm and brushcutting width of 255mm allows you to cut through large areas of overgrowth quickly and effectively. The HYBC5200X is supplied with both a high-quality bump feed two-string nylon cutting head for use as a grass trimmer and 3-tooth metal cutting blade head for use as a brushcutter, allowing you to use this machine for a huge range of trimming purposes. Switching between the metal blades and 2-string head is easy as the shaft simply locks into place.andnbsp; This garden grass trimmer’s boasts high mid-range torque which means you dont have to be revving it at maximum speed to achieve impressive results, prolonging the engine lifespan when compared to lesser capacity models due to lower revs. Comfortable and Easy To Use The supplied twin shoulder harness ensures you can use this grass trimmer / bladed rushcutter combination for long periods of time without experiencing discomfort in your back, shoulders or arms. The nylon grass trimmer head on this heavy-duty strimmer has been chosen by us for how easy it is to replace the 2.5mm nylon cord. The bump feed allows you to simply andlsquo;tap and goandrsquo; if you need to release more nylon string. This grass trimmer with blades features soft-grip andlsquo;cow hornandrsquo; style handlebars are both adjustable and offset so the cutting head is placed at the centre of your body for an optimal cutting position, allowing you to achieve a clean, sweeping action when cutting long grass. This powerful brushcutter’s trigger is mounted on the handle, allowing you effortless, easy and precise fingertip control of the unit whether you’re using it as a grass trimmer or brushcutter. Compact Hyundai Brushcutter The straight, split shaft of the HYBC5200X allows you to detatch the unit in half, allowing for easy transportation in the boot of your car and easy storage in your garden shed or garage. 3 Year Warranty As with all of our Hyundai garden equipment, this Hyundai brushcutter and grass trimmer is covered by our 3 year platinum home-use warranty* / 1 year commercial warranty* (terms apply) for added peace of mind. Key Features Powerful petrol grass trimmer and brushcutter: Trim all types of grass, brambles, shrubs and more 52cc 2-stroke Euro V Hyundai petrol engine: Able to handle the even toughest garden overgrowth 450mm cutting width: Clear large areas of your garden quickly and effectively Supplied with a bump feed nylon cutting head and a metal cutting blade: For cutting grass and heavy undergrowth Comfortable to use even for long periods: Supplied twin shoulder harness to minimise discomfort Split shaft design: Simple to store and transport Soft-grip andlsquo;cow hornandrsquo; handlebars: Allows you to achieve a sweeping action when cutting long grass Peace of mind: 3 year Hyundai home-use warranty* / 1 year commercial warranty*

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