Hubi Work 32 Solar Light (LED Bulb) & Charger


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An outdoor living or storage area such as a summer house or a shed is a fantastic asset, but are you making the most of it? With our Hubi Work 32 (2K) solar powered lighting system with 2 LED Bulbs in your log cabin or workshop shed, you could use it whenever you really wanted – so what is holding you back? “I can’t afford an electrician” There is no need to hard-wire this product from your home. Furthermore, it is exempt from Part P of building regulations and comes in kit form with easy to follow instructions, so it can be installed by anyone. We are so confident with the straightforward simplicity of this product, that we estimate it will take only 15 minutes to install! A fixing bracket and 2.5m of cable between each bulb is included making placement of your lighting versatile. “It’s too expensive” There is a one-off purchase price, which is not only incredible value for money but also includes a 2 year manufacturer’s guarantee on the battery unit and an incredible 10 years on the solar panel itself! The price becomes even more impressive when you consider that the power for the lighting is generated by the sun, which is free. Needless to say, this product will end up paying for itself many times over, the more you use it. This outstanding super bright 300 lumen LED lighting system comes in two other sizes: Hubi Work 16 covers 4m x 4m, Hubi Work 64 covers 64m2. But this awesome outdoor lighting system does not stop there – the solar panel connects to the hub via a 2.5m cable, a 5m cable then runs to the lights which have 2.5m of cable between them. Its clever daisy chain function allows extra LEDs or lights to be added with expansions packs making the possibilities endless! If you need to cover a larger area, you can simply buy expansion packs as you require. The high efficiency crystalline solar panel and advanced lithium battery hub will give you lighting/energy for up to 2 – 7 hours every day depending upon the time of year. A battery level indicator on the front of the unit ensures you know exactly how much energy you have left. Lighting isn’t the only service that this adaptable unit offers either – it comes complete with 2 USB ports which will enable you to charge devices such as your phone or iPad and a 12v port so you can listen to the radio and even use fans in warmer months. The possibilities are endless. You can also choose between a strip based model or a bulb based model. So, you already have your outdoor living area – just think how much better it is going to be with this amazing low cost, easy to install addition. You will wonder how you ever managed without it. Please Note – Our garden building installation services do not include this product. Incredibly clever outdoor lighting solution for workshop or shed Converts sunlight into usable electricity for powerful LED light 2 powerful LED bulbs Offers up to 6 hours of light a day all year round, depending on time of year Easy to attach solar panel fits to your roof or wall via bracket Multiple power outlets that allow you to charge mobile phone etc 10 year warranty on solar panel 2 year warranty on battery hub

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