Greenworks GD24X2BV 48v Cordless Leaf Blower and Vacuum No Batteries No Charger


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The Greenworks GD24X2BV is a powerful yet lightweight cordless leaf blower and vacuum which is ideal for use on smaller lawns. Powered by an advanced double battery system, the machine offers 48v performance by using two standard Greenworks 24v batteries, which means it shares battey compatibility with the rest of the Greenworks 24v range. You can use the same batteries in any of the Greenworks 24v tools, for total flexibility and convenience. The GD24X2BV is a 2 in 1 blower and vac with a tool-free changeover which means you can effortlessly switch between blowing and vacuuming to keep your garden looking its best all year round. The advanced brushless motor ensures maximum efficiency, giving longer runtimes and increased performance as well as more durability than brushed motor equivalents. The GD24X2BV is supplied with a 40 litre grass collector bag and is available as a complete kit with batteries and charger, or as a bare tool. Specifications • Battery Voltage: 48v (2 x 24v) • Battery Type: Greenworks Lithium Ion • Motor: Brushless • Air Speed :312 km/h • Fan type: Axial • Harness style: Strap • Bag size: 40 litres • Runtime with 2Ah Battery: Up to 8 mins • Runtime with 4Ah Battery: Up to 16 mins • Machine Weight: 2.2 kg Features & Benefits • Efficient brushless motor • Variable speed, cruise control and boost features • Comfortable soft grip handle and perfect weight distribution • Blow and collect leaves from one machine • Innovative double battery system – All the benefits of 24V, all the power of 48V • Shares battery compatibility with Greenworks 24v tools • Comprehensive 3 year warranty Contents • GWGD24X2BV Cordless Axial Blower Vac (bare tool) • Grass Collection Bag (40 litres) • No Batteries • No Charger

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