Greenworks GD24X2AB 48v Cordless Axial Leaf Blower No Batteries No Charger


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The G24X2AB is a 48v blower which is powered by two Greenworks 24v lithium ion batteries simultaneously, meaning it shares battery compatibility with other tools in the Greenworks 24v cordless range. It is available as a complete starter kit with two batteries and a charger, or as a body only tool at a reduced cost – which is ideal if you already own compatible batteries from other tools in the range. Specifications • Battery Voltage: 48v (2x 24v) • Battery Type: Greenworks Lithium Ion Features & Benefits • Cordless axial leaf blower • Battery powered: extremely quick and convenient to use • Powerful 48v motor • Runs on two standard Greenworks 24v lithium ion batteries simultaneously • Shares battery compatibility with Greenworks 24v cordless tools Contents • GWG24X2AB 48v Cordless Axial Leaf Blower • No Battery • No Charger

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