Faithfull Countryman Telescopic Hedge Shears

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Faithfull Countryman Telescopic Hedge Shears feature a 300mm long wavy blade. The wavy shaped blade helps to hold the branch while cutting, preventing it from sliding. A power-saving heavy-duty gear mechanism enables branches to be cut with less effort. The hardwearing steel blades are designed to both resist corrosion and provide a smooth frictionless performance. Three-position telescopic aluminium handles allow the length of the shears to be adjusted to between 76cm and 88cm. Reinforcing ribs reduce flex and soft grips provide the user with extra comfort during prolonged periods of use. Specification: Blade Length: 300mm (12in)Adjustable Length: 760-880mm (30-34.5in)Additional Information:• Overall Length: 760-880mm• Blade Length: 300mm

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