Electric Rotavator Tiller 1400W Heavy Duty 230-240V H90 xW40 xD100cm


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In times gone by, ’tilling’ was the toughest part of planting. Not anymore! Our super-strong, electric tiller with 1400W motor, powers through soil like a knife through butter – no harmful fumes – aerating soil, clearing weeds, breaking-up clods, working fertiliser into soil and creating furrows. Enjoy the fruits, without the labour!The aim, for any home gardener or allotment owner, is to grow great flowers and veg. And for that, you need good soil. Each pass of this tiller cultivates up to W40 xD22cm area. The more passes, the finer, lighter and more aerated your soil.So easy to use!Grip the comfort handles and 6 powerful blades prepare ground for planting in half the time of conventional tools. For your freedom, there’s an impressive 10m power cord and for your safety, a 2-point safety switch prevents accidental start-up or overheating. Minimal home assembly. 230-240V. Tilling depth, 22cm. Weighs 10kg. H90 xW40 xD100cm. Not recommended for use by persons under 18 years of age.

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Coopers of Stortford


Coopers of Stortford