Einhell Professional GE-LB 18/200 Li E 18v Cordless Brushless Axial Leaf Blower 1 x 5.2ah Li-ion Charger

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Part of the Power X-Change cordless platform, the Einhell GE-LB 18/200 Li E is a leaf blower which runs on a single 18v Power X-Change battery. For optimum performance it is recommended to use a battery with a capacity of 3.0ah or higher. Ideal for spring and autumn cleaning around the garden, the GE-LB 18/200 Li E is considerably quieter than petrol leaf blowers and easier to handle due to its lower weight. It has a brushless motor and an axial fan with electronic speed control and a turbo switch for maximum blowing force when required. The control panel has an illumintated LED display which shows the current speed setting, and the ergonomic handle has a soft covering for a comfortable grip. A metal ring on the end of the nozzle protects it from accidential scrapes and impacts, and the blowing tube can also be removed quickly and easily without need for additional tools. The blower features an integrated wall mount facility which means it can be easily stored out of the way in between uses. Features & Benefits • Battery powered cordless leaf blower • Runs on a Power X-Change battery • Shares battery compatibility with all Power X-Change tools • Axial impeller technology for optimum performance at all times • Weight balanced with ergonomic softgrip handle • Illuminated LED control panel • Adjustable air speed and turbo boost switch • Wall mountable for space-saving storage Specifications • Battery Voltage: 18v • Battery Type: Power X-Change • Machine Type: Blower • Max Air Speed: 200 Km/h • Sound Power Level (volume): 101.3 dB (A) • Product Weight: 2.16kg Contents • GE-LB 18/200 Li E Cordless Leaf Blower • Einhell 18v Power X-Change Li-Ion Battery 5.2ah • Battery Charger

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