ECHO HCA-2620ES-HD 54cm Double-Sided 25cc Petrol Engine Long-Reach Hedge Trimmer


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The HCA-2620ES-HD is a standout in professional long-reach hedge trimmers. Impeccably balanced, it combines lightweight design and ergonomic ease. As a proud member of the elite ECHO X-series, it delivers industry-leading performance and feature sets. Powered by a professional-grade 25.4 cm³ petrol engine, it assures effortless trimming, even under demanding circumstances. It hosts professional-grade components and a triple-edged cutter blade, enabling faster, cleaner finishes. The HCA-2620ES-HD’s innovative one-handed adjustment system allows blade angle rotation through 135°, offering unmatched convenience and flexibility. Experience the HCA-2620ES-HD-a potent blend of power, speed, and effortless operation designed with your comfort in mind.

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