Draper MT254 Petrol Garden Cultivator / Tiller

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This lightweight garden tiller and cultivator is a suitable rotavator for preparing soil for flowers or vegetables. It is powered by a 2-stroke single cylinder petrol engine, with a recoil start. The machine has a working width of 320mm and has 6-tooth blades that are effective in all soil types. It has handlebar steering for maximum control and an easy-reach throttle to adjust the rotation speed of the tines. Height adjustable tilling depth up to 150mm. The handlebars can be positioned at two different heights and have comfortable handgrips. Fitted with transport wheels for manouverability and folding handlebars for easier storage. Compatible with E10 fuel and requires 2-stroke oil to be added. Contents: 1 x Petrol Tiller and Cultivator, 320mm, 42.7cc/3HP Specifications: Engine capacity: 42.7cc/3HP Engine type: 2-Stroke single cylinder Power: 1.2kW Start: Recoil Propulsion: Push Blades: 4 (6 tooth) Tilling width: 320mm Tilling depth: 150mm Tine rotation speed: 200rpm Fuel tank: 0.9L Weight: 15.5kg

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