Cottage Garden Squirrel Resistant Peanut Feeder


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Encourage more birds to venture into your garden by using this beautifully designed and elegant squirrel resistant peanut feeder, which when food is added has everything you need to immediately start attracting wild birds into your garden and providing them with a welcome treat whilst keeping those pesky squirrels at bay. Turn your garden into a wildlife haven, filled with the happy songs of blackbirds, robins, tits and thrushes to name but a few! Our feathered friends bring a whole variety of benefits with them, including an invaluable pest clearing service, and it’s a joy to see them making a home in your garden! Plus, you’ll be helping to protect some of our most-loved and threatened wild birds, with the absolute minimum of expense and effort! Quick and easy to hang, clean, and maintain, the durable feeder will keep the birds flocking to your garden.The metal construction ensures it’s robustness and can be refilled with peanuts throughout the year so you can attract different birds to your garden making it an ideal all-year feeder.

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