Bosch UNIVERSALLEAFBLOWER 18V-130 P4A 18v Cordless Garden Leaf Blower 2 x 4ah Li-ion Charger

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The Bosch UNIVERSALLEAFBLOWER 18V-130 is a compact cordless blower which is part of the PowerForAll 18v Alliance and shares battery compatibility with a wide variety of tools for the home and garden, from Bosch as well as other manufacturers. It comes with a two part nozzle assembly which means it can be quickly and easily dismantled for storing or transporting; additionally, you can use it with a single nozzle attached when you need less reach, e.g for blowing debris off raised surfaces. The angled nozzle tip lifts leaves up from ground level while enabling the user to maintain a comfortable standing position, and cordless power means it can be used in every corner of the garden and far beyond the reach of power sockets and extension leads. To maximise your runtime, the UNIVERSALLEAFBLOWER 18V-130 features a Bosch Syneon chip which intelligently manages energy usage and helps to keep the blower going for longer per battery charge. The blower is lightweight, easy to handle and features an ergonomic handle for a comfortable grip. Features & Benefits • Part of the PowerForAll 18v Alliance • Shares battery compatibility with all PowerForAll 18v tools • Can be used with or without nozzle extension • Packs down into a very small space for storage or transport • Bosch Syneon chip manages energy usage for longer runtimes • Ideal for DIY and workshop use as well as for in the garden Specifications • Battery Voltage: 18v • Battery Type: PowerForAll Lithium Ion • Max Air Speed: 245 km/h • Machine Type: Blower Only • Machine Weight: 1.6kg Contents • UNIVERSALLEAFBLOWER 18V-130 Cordless Blower • Bosch PowerForAll 18v Lithium Ion Battery 4ah (x2) • Battery Charger

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