6’4 x 2’9 Trimetals Protect.a.Cycle Metal Bike Shed with Ramp – Green (1.95m x 0.88m)


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Approved by the police, insurance companies and the nation’s cycling press, the 6’4 x 2’9 Trimetals Protect A Cycle Metal Bike Shed with Ramp – Green (1.95m x 0.88m) offers you unparalleled security for up to 3 adult bicycles and is supplied with an extraordinary 25-year panel guarantee. This metal bike shed is built in the UK from PVC-coated galvanised steel, so is robust, impervious to rust and suitable for all manner of other garden storage. Completely fire-retardant, this bicycle store can be used, not just in your garden, but at caravan parks too, as it meets their strict regulations for non-combustible storage. This bike storage shed also features an integral metal base and ramp, the latter built from a 1-piece aluminium plate, with reinforced metal hinges, which will comfortably support both you and your bicycle, even if it’s a heavier electric bike. When you need to use the ramp, you can simply drop it into place. Afterwards, it folds back up to form part of the integral metal base. It really is that easy to use. When in the stored position, the ramp is hidden from view, so cannot be tampered with from the outside but, for even greater security, you can padlock it to the door. Furthermore, fixings are included so that you can bolt your new metal bike shed’s base to a wider concrete or paved base, for maximum stability and security. The number of security features on this bike shed is extraordinary. They include 2 stainless steel hasps, 2 Sold Secure Silver Approved (SSSA) high-security padlocks, a SSSA heavy-duty ground anchor and a steel high-security cable, which is alarmed, specifically designed to resist cutting, and tested by the Loss Prevention Certification Board. Don’t just take our word that this is secure bicycle storage at its best, because this metal bike shed enjoys Police Preferred Specification, Secure by Design status. It is also unique in achieving the Loss Prevention Certification Board’s LPS1175 Security Rating 1 and endorsement from the Royal Horticultural Society. Unbeatably strong and secure, this outdoor bike storage shed is eye-catching too, for the unique design and smart green finish make for an extremely stylish appearance. No maintenance is required, saving you money and leaving you more time to enjoy your bike rides. All of the major components are pre-assembled and clear, step-by-step instructions are included to help you achieve a straightforward assembly. You can purchase this superior bike storage shed in anthracite, cream or green, with or without the ramp. Free delivery is available to most UK addresses. Extraordinary 25-year panel guarantee Built in the UK from PVC-coated galvanised steel Stores up to 3 adult bikes Integral metal base and ramp (supports the weight of electric bikes) 2 Sold Secure Silver Approved (SSSA) high-security padlocks SSSA heavy-duty ground anchor Steel high-security cable is alarmed and resists cutting Fixings included to bolt the bike shed to a concrete base Police Preferred Specification – Secure by Design Loss Prevention Certification Board LPS1175 Security Rating 1 Endorsed by the Royal Horticultural Society Completely maintenance-free Choice of 3 colours Available with or without the ramp Free delivery to most UK addresses

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