Mitox 26B-SP Select Petrol Leaf Blower


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Perfect entry level petrol garden blower for domestic gardeners. The Mitox 26B-SP can tackle all your lawn and garden clean up duties with no fuss. With a maximum air speed of 250km/h the blower is very useful for tidying up fallen leaves in the Autumn and clearing snow in the Winter.The Mitox 26-B-SP leaf blower offers great value for money with an easy to use and maintain machine. Mitox make excellent priced gardening equipment that even amateurs can use. The Mitox 26BSP has some good features including a high speed flat tube and cruise control. If you set the cruise control you can reduce any user fatigue as you don’t have to keep your fingers on the throttle switch constantly. As the leaf blower has a two stroke 25.4 cc engine it will use a petrol and 2-stroke oil mix. Using a good quality 2-stroke oil mix with petrol at a 40:1 ratio and add to the fuel tank. Two stroke engines require the mixing to be done before adding to the fuel tank. Never use neat petrol as this can damage the engine. SpecificationsModel: 26B-SPType: Leaf BlowerEngine Capacity: 25.4 cc Engine Power: 0.70kWEngine Type: 2-stroke MitoxFuel: Petrol and 2-stroke engine oil mixBlowing Tubes: FlatMaximum Air Speed: 250 km/hWeight: 5.6kgManufacturer’s Warranty: 1 year, domestic use only

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