Mitox 260BX Premium Petrol Leaf Blower


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Beautifully designed Mitox 260BX hand held garden blower for those gardeners who want both power and simplicity of use. Tried and tested by both our office and workshop staff we can attest to its ease of use. It is lightweight and the vibration felt in your arms and hands is negligible. Nobody wants the hassle of having to tidy up the lawn and garden of debris including stray grass clippings and fallen leaves by hand. Using a lawn rake simply takes too much time and energy. These lightweight garden blowers are easy to use and maintain for even the novice gardener. The 260BX Premium leaf blower is from garden machinery manufacturer Mitox who have been producing market leading domestic garden equipment for years. Please Note: This is a garden blower only and does not vacuum Features Cruise Control : A simple feature which allows the speed of the blower to be set for ease of operation Class Leading Vibration : The 260 BX has professional standard anti-vibration levels. These levels optimise the comfort felt by the operator allowing the blower to be used for longer periods. Innovative Blower Tube : The kinked blower tube offsets the machines gyro forces allowing effortless handling. Specifications Type: Blower Only Model : Premium 260BX Engine : 2- stroke 27.6cc Auto Choke : No Fuel : Petrol and 2 stroke oil mix Power : 0.8 kW Fuel Tank Capacity : 400ml Vibration : 2.0 m/s2 Cruise Control : Yes Max Airspeed : 161 mph Weight : 4.7 kg Warranty : Manufacturer’s 5 year homeowner

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