Faithfull Prestige Stainless Steel Digging Spade

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The Faithfull Prestige Digging Spade is ideal for use where a large patch of open ground requires digging or turning over. The larger blade is ideal for double digging, spading up the ground, preparing beds, moving soil and other loose material. The semi-flat blade design of the spade permits it to be used as an edging tool and is tough enough for slicing through compacted soil and roots. With a treaded top to spread the load, reducing fatigue and help avoid footwear damage. The head is made from rust-resistant stainless steel. Polished stainless steel finish provides improved resistance to rust, humidity and alkalis in the soil. Fitted with a traditional split YD-handle made from European Ash, supplied from FSC® sustainable resources. These are then stained for protection against the weather. The Prestige range of garden tools are manufactured to the highest standard using the finest materials available, to produce a high-quality and reliable product. Designed for use by both the professional and enthusiastic home gardener wanting that something special. All Prestige products are covered by a 10 year manufacturer’s guarantee. Overall Length: 1050mmAdditional Information:• Head Material: Stainless Steel• Shaft Material: Ash• Handle Type: YD

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