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We love helping householders to find reliable, experienced local gardeners, saving customers the time and hassle of gardening, leaving them with a beautiful garden to enjoy with their family.

Yes, we will make an appointment with you to see your garden and provide you with a free no obligation quote. We will take pictures of your garden (with your permission) to explain to the gardener the details of the work required.

No problem at all. We can book the gardener to carry out the work starting on a day of your choice.

Our gardeners will take pictures when starting the job, whilst working and also when they complete the work so that you can see the before and after difference.

We will only raise an invoice once you’ve confirmed the work has been completed to your satisfaction. However, if you are buying a gardening package, then you will need to pay for the package before we can book a gardener for you.

Yes, you can contact us when you need the gardener again to make a booking.

No, you are not entering into a contract, you are simply buying a block of time.

We can provide a regular planned service on a weekly, fortnightly, monthly or quarterly basis, or simply visit for a one off project.

1. I can’t find a local gardener.

2. I arranged for a gardener to visit and they just didn’t turn up.

3. The gardener turns up once, but then I never see them again.

4. The gardener starts work, but then stops coming and can’t be contacted.

5. The gardener works for a while but then becomes erratic and unreliable.

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